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My Introduction

My name is Dave. I suffered a major stroke on February 2, 2017. I am a Navy veteran. Luckily, I had my stroke at the VA hospital. I have aphasia, that is a language problem that affects the way people communicate, my stroke caused it. When I had my global stroke, I could not talk, read or write.

When I lost my ability to speak, I thought my personality was lost forever. I was a salesman. I needed to talk. Having a stroke is a significant change in your life. After that moment in time, your whole world will never be the same again. Your brain is damaged forever, but most people can recover from a stroke. Rehap is possible.

I spent 11 days in the hospital. While the nurses and doctors healed my body, now it was time to rehab my brain.

You might wonder how can a of aphasia patient can learn to write a blog. That is a good question. Almost 3 years of speech therapy and alot of rehap. I am almost 70 years old, and I’m retired. My golf game is almost lost, but I still play. My goal is to be a motiveation speaker.

Before my stroke, I was an entrepreneur. I’m a type-A personality. As I learn to write this blog, please excuse my language disability. I sure I ‘ll will get better. Maybe writing a blog is my final step on my entrepreneur challenge ladder. Or perhaps, I am using writing as my therapy, but only time will tell. I love to write and expressed myself. Anyway, I continue to try to be the best person I can be. I encourage you to be the same.

I think I have a unique true story to tell about motivation and encouragement. It took over two years to learn how to talk and write again, and I’m not finished yet.  But thanks to the VA hospital and the new fancy computer that they gave me,  I hope you will read and enjoy my blog. If I can helped one person to live from Aphasia, I will be very happy.

I can’t worry about who I used to be; I’m too busy being who I am today. I believe God is not finished with me!